Curious about Google Apps? Try this intro course.

After successful testing, Google Apps ring logoEast Lothian’s Google Apps for Education system is now being made available to all schools. If you’ve not seen it yet, you might be curious about what’s on offer.

Google Apps complement Glow and the Edubuzz blogs by providing a new set of completely web-based tools for communication and collaboration, including Mail, Calendar, Sites and Documents.

If you’d like a guided intro, there’s a very simple self-paced course you might like to try. It’s not based on exactly our system (the Start Page, for example, has since gone) but is a good starting point.

There’s a CPD course already in the CPDShare calendar, and further training on how these tools might support teaching and learning activities, including drop-in sessions, is being offered on request.

Save time with new Google Image search options

Google Images has now gained its own Search Options. You’ll find the full story on the Google Blog.

This new feature offers quick access to existing tools, including search by color and image type. Color search will find images that are only in color or only in black and white, or even images that contain a specific color, such as red, pink, or green. Type search is a great way to narrow down your results if you are looking for a specific kind of image, such as a photo, clip art, line drawing or face.