Cycle Training Resource for Interactive Whiteboards

 We’ve just learned from Iain Reid, East Lothian’s Cycle Officer, that Promethean, together with Argyll and Bute Council, offer free interactive whiteboard resources to support the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme.

Promethean have worked with the Argyll and Bute Road Safety Unit to create flipchart lessons and activities tied into the SCTS Resource Toolkit.  All flipcharts have Page Notes to help teachers with lesson objectives and intended use of the resources.

The flipcharts cover the topics of equipment and maintenance, roads hazards, road signs and markings, road positions and cycling manoeuvres. There are also several flipchart pages with games and flashcards to prepare pupils for completing the two cycling theory test papers.  

As well as flipcharts, Road Safety Scotland have also given copyright permission for images from their SCTS Resource Toolkit. 


2 responses to “Cycle Training Resource for Interactive Whiteboards”

  1. Great news thanks!! We have been using various combinations of scanned in versions and making up our own. Looks very useful. Do we just download them individually at a school level?