Share your Glow experiences

Now that Glow‘s in widespread use, what benefits are schools getting from it? Here’s your chance to share your experience via a 5-minute survey (you’ll need your Glow login).

This essential question is a hard one to answer because Glow offers so many different tools, and people can use it in so many different ways. That’s why the Glow team are aiming to get as many Glow users as possible to share their experiences. You don’t have to be a Glow expert; if you’ve used it, they want to hear from you!

The Glow Team is asking for your help in implementing an ambitious programme to build an overall picture of how practitioners are using Glow across Scotland and the benefits that are being achieved as a result. We are keen to receive input from those new to Glow or who are using Glow in a relatively simple way to provide a useful outcome as well as those with more experience. We want to represent as many different aspects of Glow usage as possible so we’d like to hear about anything you have done.

If you’re just wanting to jot down the survey’s address and plan to complete it later, you’ll find it here:

As always, if you need any help getting started with Glow, or have ideas you’d like to explore, please get in touch.