Child safety notice: Fire chiefs issue water safety warning

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service have asked if schools could take note of the attached press release and emphasise to pupils the hazards of playing in/swimming in open water (there was a drowning in Strathclyde this weekend).

Following the tragic drowning of a teenager at the River Kelvin in Strathclyde at the weekend, fire chiefs are urging youngsters to be aware of the dangers that open water can pose. Continue reading “Child safety notice: Fire chiefs issue water safety warning”

Have you tried Sunflower Science?

Sunflower Science – Circulation

The Sunflower Learning people have asked us to check that East Lothian staff and students are able to use Sunflower for Science.

Sunflower for Science is one of the high-quality “External resources” available to all Glow users, staff and students. It offers a range of highly visual animations, graphics and worksheets for a range of traditionally hard-to-teach science topics. You can access it from the National Site’s “External Resources” page, or by following this link (Glow login required).

If you’d like an overview of the product, you can see some demonstrations on their YouTube channel.

Please get in touch if you’re encountering any difficulties with access, or leave a comment here.