Futurelab’s new VISION magazine is out

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The latest issue of Futurelab’s VISION magazine includes articles on technology and music teaching; augmented reality; digital photography and learning; technology-supported assessment, stimulating discussion in lessons; outdoor learning; and an interview with Derek Robertson, LTS.

You can download it here. (28 pages, 1.8MB, pdf)
Here’s more on the main articles:
Digital music: The waves of change

We explore how the recent explosion of new digital technologies such as YouTube, Spotify and Blip.fm have transformed the teaching of music.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality, where a layer of virtual information is overlaid onto the physical world, gives students the potential to experience learning in a completely new way. We look at what this means in practice.

Let’s get talking

VISION asks are debate and discussion still relevant skills for today’s young people, and are there ways in which technology can give new life to them?

Interview with Derek Robertson

VISION finds out what is behind the success of Learning and Teaching Scotland’s use of computer games in the classroom.

The great outdoors

Increasingly, educators are realising that outdoor learning is an excellent complement to classroom learning.

Technology-supported assessment

There are plenty of exciting and innovative technologies to enhance learning but what is assessment doing to keep pace?

Photographic evidence

ICT coordinator David Cleland suggests that photography has the potential to support learning and he tells us how.