At last! Automagic video embedding

Imagine you could just paste the URL of a video in your Edubuzz blog post, and it would automatically get embedded? The good news is – you can!

And what’s more, it works not only with YouTube, but loads of other sites, including Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr (both images and videos), Photobucket and more.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Copy the URL of the video or image from the original site.
  2. Paste it into your content area (it *must* be on it’s own line).

Although you’ll just see the URL in your editor, WordPress will automagically embed it when the post is viewed.

What should my post look like?

Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.

And here’s the result:
Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.
What other sites does this work with? Continue reading “At last! Automagic video embedding”

Athelstaneford & St Gabriel’s websites praised by HMIE in recent inspections

Congratulations to students, parents and staff who have helped two East Lothian primaries get some excellent feedback from HMIE on their Edubuzz school web sites.

Athelstaneford Primary
4. How well do staff work with others to support children’s learning?
– Commendably, staff and children share their news through the very attractive and interesting ‘Blog’ on the school website.

6. Does the school have high expectations of all children?

– Children’s achievements are recognised well and celebrated at assemblies, and through attractive displays around the school and on the school’s website.

Read the full Athelstaneford Primary Inspection Report on the HMIE web site.

St Gabriel’s Primary

4. How well do staff work with others to support children’s learning?
– The school website is very well used and is maintained by the children, the staff and Parent Council.

Read the full St Gabriel’s Primary Inspection Report on the HMIE web site.

Problems with your interactive whiteboard or projector?

August 20, 2010

There is currently no AV Support contract for classroom projectors or interactive whiteboards in East Lothian.  

IMPORTANT:  In order to avoid an unnecessary call out charge, please refer to the  Matrix Display Help sheet which will advise on simple checks to ensure there is a genuine fault. If there is, please contact Scott Passmore ( to report it.

Matrix Display has been carrying out all AV jobs since Adventi went into liquidation and are our recommended AV contractor.   Schools will be responsible for call out charges, parts and installation costs.  Do not email or call the IT Helpdesk.

 East Lothian Council has some projectors and lamps in stock at half the market price. Matrix Display will liaise with IT to check the stock and, wherever possible, use the reduced cost stock.

 It’s also recommended that completely shutting down your computer then restarting by switching on the board first then the computer can often clear a problem.

 Thank you.

Shirley Lawson – Education ICT Officer

Matrix Display AV Help Sheet