Month: February 2011

  • Hidden gridlines in eduBuzz Google Spreadsheets

    The highly requested feature to hide gridlines in spreadsheets is now available. How to access what’s new: When editing a spreadsheet, under the ‘View’ menu, click on ‘Hide gridlines’ for each sheet, leaving only the borders that have been put there. For more information:

  • Guardian Teacher Network launches 70,000 pages of resources

    The content and resources previously available by subscription to the Guardian’s site are now freely available at the Guardian Teacher Network.  These are based on the National Curriculum in England, but include many resources which will be of value to teachers here. Today the Guardian is embarking on an exciting new project that will give […]

  • Blog early, blog often: the secret to making boys write properly

    In today’s Independent, via @joedale: The biggest impact has been on boys – who are happily churning out 5,000-word stories for their blogs in the classroom. The school, Heathfield primary, is now being used as a role model to encourage others around the country to adopt its methods. The turnabout has seen the percentage of […]

  • Glow Wikis: create your school’s entry on Scotland’s Schools wiki

    Glow Wikis are now available, and to kick things off a national “Scotland’s Schools Wiki” has been launched. A wiki is just a simple form of web site which can be edited quickly and easily by a number of contributors. Why not have a go at adding an entry for your school? The East Lothian page is […]

  • Email delegation now available to all eduBuzz Google Apps users

    In work situations, it’s often necessary for staff to delegate access to their email to other people in their team. Up till now, that hasn’t been possible with eduBuzz Google Apps, but it’s now easy to set up. This new feature may be of particular interest to Business Education teachers, because it enables students to […]