eduBuzz Limesurvey “Quick Stats” can now summarise by school etc

The EduBuzz Limesurvey web-based survey tool has proved popular not just for the annual student surveys, but also for a wide range of other purposes, including sports, school meals and courses. We’ve now realised that it offers even more time-saving features than we thought.

The “Quick Stats” feature, which enables rapid production of survey summaries, complete with charts if required, saves us a lot of time analysing simple surveys. But up till now, we thought it was limited to “all or nothing” use; we might be able to choose to summarise a subset of the questions, but would always have to summarise all responses.

Today, in response to a question from Kay Morrison of Active Schools, we’ve realised that it can also provide summaries of filtered subsets of the responses. For example, in a survey involving all schools, and including a “What is your school?” question, it’s possible to quickly produce summary results, in the usual way, but for each individual school; here’s how:

How to filter your results by a specific answer (e.g. Training/Playing venue):

Limesurvey: Filtering Results

Basically, if you *don’t* tick the box to include an individual question (e.g. “Training / Playing venue”) in the results, then you can use its answers as filter criteria.

More details available on the Limesurvey documentation wiki here: