FeedBlitz subscription service: update failures

Message currently displayed in FeedBlitz Dashboard

The FeedBlitz service we currently use to provide email (and other) updates to eduBuzz blog subscribers is currently failing to send updates.

This is because Feedblitz have chosen to suspend the sending of updates to encourage us to pay their renewal fee, which they are  entitled to do.

The trouble is that the renewal fee Feedblitz are requesting for payment ($359.40), is approximately double the amount specified at the renewal date ($179.76), which we missed due to lack of a reminder email.

We emailed FeedBlitz last week to ask for this to be resolved, but have had no response from them yet. They do say on their site that they receive a lot of spam email, so we are trying again today, using both their support and general enquiry email addresses.

We apologise for this interruption to the service. If you just want to offer an email subscription service, you may wish to consider investigating the following plugins:

Sends an email to the addresses of your choice when a new post or comment is made. Add email addresses in your Discussion Settings area.

Notifies an email list when new entries are posted.