Glow Users: Update to the Glow Light Interface

We’ve received this news from the Glow team about improvements to the “Glow Light” shortcut menu.

From Tuesday 17th May you will notice some added functionality on the Glow Light interface.

The first of these enhancements is a new default button to take you directly to the National Site. This will be available for all Glow Light users when they log in.

The second feature is a ‘Log off’ button at the top right of the screen. This means users no longer have to go into the main Glow interface in order to log out.

Last but not least is an update to the Help button (question mark icon) on the Glow Light interface. This link now takes you directly to the Glow help blog. Replacing the old Glow help group, the blog provides access to many types of help, printable, videos and blog posts, all available in the same place and tagged and categorised for easy searching.