Knox Academy “Five Minute Theatre” dramas available for replay

At least four of the five performances broadcast live from Knox Academy as part of the recent National Theatre of Scotland “Five Minute Theatre” event are now available for replay on Five Minute Theatre’s YouTube channel.

The Knox performances were mentioned by the Scotsman’s theatre critic Joyce McMillan in her review of this unique event, and are definitely worth viewing if you didn’t get the chance to see the live performance online.

For some shows, there is nothing more than a single camera pointing at a distant stage, across the heads of the audience; in others – like Knox Academy’s astonishing multiple one-on-one drama Secrets And Lies, broadcast live on Wednesday morning – the camera almost becomes one of the actors.

These performances demonstrated the power of live web streaming as a powerful learning tool enabled by fast school internet connections, such as those provided to Scottish local authorities via the Glow “Interconnect 2” service.