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Glow and Internet Explorer 9: using Compatibility View

If you’re using a PC that’s been upgraded to use Internet Explorer 9, you might find that some web pages don’t look and work as you’d expect.

This can be because the page has been designed for an older version of Internet Explorer. We’re seeing examples of this cropping up with some Glow pages. The good news is that it’s usually an easy thing to fix, using Internet Explorer 9’s “Compatibility View” button.

Here’s Microsoft’s advice:

Sometimes the website you’re visiting doesn’t look right. It shows up as a jumble of out-of-place menus, images, and text boxes. What’s going on? One possible explanation: The site might have been designed for an earlier version of Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer recognizes that the webpage isn’t compatible, you’ll see the Compatibility View button on the Address bar. Try clicking it.

The Compatibility View button



In Compatibility View, websites will be displayed as if you were viewing them in a previous version of Internet Explorer, which will often correct display problems. You don’t need to click the button for a site after you’ve done it once—the next time you visit the site, Internet Explorer 9 will automatically show it in Compatibility View. (If you ever want to go back to browsing with Internet Explorer 9 on that site, just click the Compatibility View button again.)