How big is, and how well-used is it?

Today we’ve been asked to provide some summary eduBuzz statistics for an ongoing ELC self-evaluation activity. We’re sharing them here because they may be of interest to eduBuzz contributors and others elsewhere thinking of doing similar things.

Main eduBuzz WordPress system:

Our own web site (blog) hosting service for East Lothian schools, based on free WordPress Multisite open source software.

  • Total Sites (blogs): 1431, mainly school, class and department web sites
  • Total registered contributors: 3041, including staff, parents, pupils and partner organisation staff
  • Total posts per week: typically 750 to 1000 (699 in last 7 days)
  • Total comments per week: typically around 1500 to 2000 (1700 in last 7 days)
  • Visits per day: typically 10,000 to 15,000 from Monday to Friday, around 10,000 at weekends.
  • Pages viewed per day: typically 120,000 to 200,000 from Monday to Friday

eduBuzz Google Apps system:

Supports learning with a wide range of free, powerful and easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools.

  • Up to about 150 logins per day over past 6 months, mainly using Documents and Sites
  • There are currently 2,300 creators of shared Docs, Sites etc and 2,700 Collaborators (R, W access), both up by 600 in past 6 months
  • Now holds approx 12,000 Documents: 6500 (Word Processing) Documents, 2500 Presentations, 1000 Forms and 500 Spreadsheets, 2000 Uploaded Files
  • Up to 50 Documents per day created, up to 80 modified

eduBuzz Limesurvey Web-based Survey system

Free open-source survey system now in use across ELC schools, and proving useful in many other areas.

  • 66 registered users, mainly teachers but including partner groups (Active Schools, Meals)
  • 112 surveys created (Learning experiences, exercise, stress, community service usage etc)
  • Used for very large annual Student Surveys with up to 2000 responses.

Glow Meet CPD Event: Building the Curriculum 4: skills in the early years

A key aim of this Glow Meet will be to promote discussion and to inspire practitioners to explore different approaches to skills development in the early years.

Date: Wednesday 29th February

Time: 4.00pm – 4.30pm

This Glow Meet is appropriate for all early years practitioners.

Building the Curriculum 4 supports the planning, design and delivery of the curriculum in early years establishments, schools and colleges. It sets out skills for learning, life and work demonstrating how they are embedded in the experiences and outcomes.

Can we build employability skills in the early years? Should we be thinking about these within the early level? During the session we will speak to a practitioner who, in partnership with her colleagues, helps children develop the skills they need for their life now and in the future.

Participants will have the chance to ask the panel questions and share ideas.

More details (Glow login required):

Join the meeting on the day (Glow login required):




*TODAY*: Glow Meet – Health and Wellbeing Outdoors – Quiet Spaces

Today at 4.15pm Glow users can join a free 40 minute CPD session on using the outdoors to foster and strengthen personal coping skills and positive relationships. Pre-registration is not essential.

The session will also be recorded and available for replay if today doesn’t suit you.

Description: Using the outdoors to foster and strengthen personal coping skills and positive relationships Mental and Emotional Wellbeing HWB 0-06a – 4-06a
During this Glow meet we will look at examples of how to develop quiet spaces for reflection, co-operative learning and developing resilience in a school context. We will consider a coaching and competencies approach to emotional learning in the outdoors as well as looking at outdoor activities that assist learning about communication and choices, personal safety and relationships. Please come prepared to join in the online discussion and to share your own examples with others.

Programme Duration: 40 minutes

More info and registration (Glow login required):

“Glow TV” Meeting Room link (Glow login required):









New John Gray Centre web site is live!

Why not be one of the first to visit the new John Gray Centre’s new web site,

Their Helen Bleck has today announced that it’s now live:

I just wanted to let you all know that our ‘real’ URL,, is now showing the website the JGC team have all been toiling over during the past year. Orangeleaf (our contractor) and I did the DNS switchover on Monday morning, and Orangeleaf have been checking all the links and maps are switched and working properly over the last couple of days. So I think we can now safely say the website is live!!!

You can also keep up to date on their latest news via their Facebook page and on Twitter (@JohnGrayCentre and  @HelenJGC)


E-Safety Live Conference: Edinburgh, March 22nd

Are you interested in educating your staff and pupils to stay safe on-line?  Sign up now for the E-Safety Live conference on March 22nd at Heriot Watt University Conference Centre.

E-Safety Live poster

E-Safety Live workshops

The events this year include 12 workshop sessions on a wide range of topics on games-based learning, bullying, parental engagement and support as well as resources to use in the classroom. The sessions will deliver useful, current advice and information regarding the safe and proactive use of online technologies in learning and education.

For enquiries, please email