How big is, and how well-used is it?

Today we’ve been asked to provide some summary eduBuzz statistics for an ongoing ELC self-evaluation activity. We’re sharing them here because they may be of interest to eduBuzz contributors and others elsewhere thinking of doing similar things.

Main eduBuzz WordPress system:

Our own web site (blog) hosting service for East Lothian schools, based on free WordPress Multisite open source software.

  • Total Sites (blogs): 1431, mainly school, class and department web sites
  • Total registered contributors: 3041, including staff, parents, pupils and partner organisation staff
  • Total posts per week: typically 750 to 1000 (699 in last 7 days)
  • Total comments per week: typically around 1500 to 2000 (1700 in last 7 days)
  • Visits per day: typically 10,000 to 15,000 from Monday to Friday, around 10,000 at weekends.
  • Pages viewed per day: typically 120,000 to 200,000 from Monday to Friday

eduBuzz Google Apps system:

Supports learning with a wide range of free, powerful and easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools.

  • Up to about 150 logins per day over past 6 months, mainly using Documents and Sites
  • There are currently 2,300 creators of shared Docs, Sites etc and 2,700 Collaborators (R, W access), both up by 600 in past 6 months
  • Now holds approx 12,000 Documents: 6500 (Word Processing) Documents, 2500 Presentations, 1000 Forms and 500 Spreadsheets, 2000 Uploaded Files
  • Up to 50 Documents per day created, up to 80 modified

eduBuzz Limesurvey Web-based Survey system

Free open-source survey system now in use across ELC schools, and proving useful in many other areas.

  • 66 registered users, mainly teachers but including partner groups (Active Schools, Meals)
  • 112 surveys created (Learning experiences, exercise, stress, community service usage etc)
  • Used for very large annual Student Surveys with up to 2000 responses.