Why Web Literacy Should Be Part of Every Education

Why not let your class make their own web sites? With eduBuzz Google Sites, they can get started with little more than word-processing skills.

Have a look at Neil Takes on Science http://neiltakesonscience.www.edubuzz.org, produced entirely by Preston Lodge biology students, to see the sort of engagement that can result!

This excellent post from Cathy Davidson and Mark Surnam explains why this matters.

Like reading, writing, and arithmetic, web literacy is both content and activity. You don’t just learn “about” reading: you learn to read. You don’t just learn “about” arithmetic: you learn to count and calculate. You don’t just learn “about” the web: you learn to make your own website. As with these other three literacies, web literacy begins simply, with basics you can build upon. For some it can lead to a profession (i.e. becoming a computer programmer) while for most it becomes part of the conceptual DNA that helps you to understand and negotiate the world you live in.

The full link to the article is: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1680264/why-web-literacy-should-be-part-of-every-education