Working round missing keys with the On-Screen Keyboard

All school computers have a built-in on-screen keyboard which can help users work around any missing keys.

The On-Screen Keyboard is usually found at Start > Programs > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard.

If you’re using it a lot, you can make it easier to find by dragging the On-Screen Keyboard to the Taskbar, next to the Start button, to create a shortcut.

This is very much a temporary work-around. Any laptops with missing keys should be reported to the IT Helpdesk for repair as soon as possible.

By David Gilmour

Learning Technologist
East Lothian Council

2 replies on “Working round missing keys with the On-Screen Keyboard”

Yes, it’s standard Windows functionality.

Alternatively, impress your friends with this geekery. You’ll need a keyboard with a keypad at the right, with Num Lock switched on (top left key).

– For “b”: hold down Alt while pressing 9 then 8
– For “B”: hold down Alt while pressing 6 then 6

These are known, not surprisingly, as Alt Key Codes, and are easily found on the web, example here:

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