Professional Learning Communities on Glow

On Tuesday 29th January, Education Scotland will alert colleagues throughout Scottish education about the value of professional learning (CPD) communities on Glow

These communities have evolved from the CPDCentral work with which some of you will be familiar from updates over the last few years.

It is hoped to raise the profile of professional online learning (as advocated in Teaching Scotland’s Future report) by providing a place for us to connect, share and learn with each other and support each other to improve our educational practice.

Feel free to visit the home page of the National PL Community on Glow and have a look for yourself. Your colleagues are encouraged to visit the community support area or email if they have any questions.

As always, we are grateful for the support given by you to make these things possible on Glow. If you have any questions or identify any potential issues, please get in touch using the following email address

Sent on behalf of Con Morris

National Professional Learning Adviser, Education Scotland