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Internet Safety

Is it okay to copy an Edubuzz photo and put it on Facebook?

Question:  Is it okay for a parent /carer to copy a photo from Edubuzz and put it on Facebook?

Answer:     It is clearly okay for a parent to do what he or she wants with his/her own child’s photograph.  If other children are included in this photo the parent/carer should check with the children involved, or their parents/carers, that they don’t mind their photos being put on Facebook.

 This is exactly the same rule as we teach the children: you shouldn’t share photos or video recordings of people without asking their permission. Parents /carers can help support that teaching by setting an example themselves. 

If  any parents/carers  particularly object to their child’s photos being posted on Facebook, you can remind them that you can tell Facebbok to ask your permission before allowing anyone to tag you in any photos. This won’t stop them being uploaded, of course, but it makes them much less easy to find.

 We do not usually assert copyright of the contents of our web sites, so there is no legal, intellectual property, issue at stake.

For more information, go to this website



English as an Additional Language on-line training opportunity

Are you looking for an English as an Additional Language or Ethnic Minority Achievement course, but can’t get the time out of school to complete it?

The EAL Academny have places  available for the September cohort of their on line course: Ethnic Minority Achievement. This is the only fully on line EMA course in the UK. Participants choose from a range of units according to their own needs. Discussion with other group members is crucial to developing a wider understanding of the issues affecting Black and Minority Ethnic pupils. Tutors guide this dialogue through discussion forums, which are central to each unit. Collaborative activities lead participants to successful approaches and effective practice, which are then tested and reported on by participants in their own institution. A range of units are available. The course starts with compulsory units on English as an Additional Language and Managing EAL and Ethnicity Data. Participants then choose a further four units from the following:

  • Refugees
  • Gender and Ethnicity
  • Parental and Community Engagement
  • Early Years and Diversity
  • African Caribbean and Mixed Heritage Achievement
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pupils

In response to course participant feedback they regularly add new units.  Currently they have units relating to Bangladeshi and East European achievement in development. The full six unit course costs £450 (exclusive of VAT) and gives a thorough and well supported grounding in ethnic minority achievement issues which are worked on at your own pace and in your own time.

The quality, experience and reputation of their trainers makes this CPD course one which is highly regarded throughout the education community both within the UK and abroad.

The EAL Academy has grown from the highly successful Islington EMAS team. It brings together specialists with expertise across the fields of English as an additional language, ethnic minority achievement and the teaching of academic language.

The team has extensive experience across primary and secondary phases and in special schools, and is currently engaged in sixth form work. It includes current and former school leaders, classroom practitioners, trainers and consultants.


Service announcements Technology

Are you planning to work in school on Tuesday 13th August? Read on….

The core firewall for schools is being replaced on Tuesday 13th August. This means there will be down time on the schools network at some point during that day.  It is s difficult to say when downtime will happen as it depends on how the install goes. It is hoped that it will be for around half an hour but it may be longer.

This will affect access to the WWW  for all schools and at High Schools will affect access to JMH core servers. Seemis access will also be affected.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.