eduBuzz is “very cool”!

Lilly Hunter (@LillyLyle on Twitter) from Edinburgh on eduBuzz:

RT @LillyLyle: @dgilmour That blog ( is very cool. I am giving a talk abt academic blogging today, will mention this.



Colour and Archaeology: Glow Meet with Archaeologists

Service announcements

Schools Network Service Interruptions – Tuesday 13th August

Due to maintenance activities, there will be some interruption to schools web access, including SEEMIS, and to the schools “Education Exchange” network file share service, at some point during Tuesday 13th August.

The time of the interruptions is not known, but these will be kept to a minimum.


ePIPS Assessments Moving to the Web for 2013-2014

CEM have confirmed that the new web-based e-assessment engine for the ePIPS P3, P5 and P7 assessments will be ready to use for the 2013-14 academic session.

This is a welcome change which should enable the assessments to be run on any school computer. We do not yet have any further details, but will aim to test the arrangements as soon as possible.

Google News

Google Chrome is coming to East Lothian Schools

East Lothian IT have started planning for the Google Chrome web browser to be deployed on school computers.

It is currently expected that it will be some time next term when will start to become available.

This will provide an alternative browser which should offer a number of significant benefits, including:

  • automatic synchronisation of Favourites when logged in to Google Apps
  • access to Chrome Web Apps and Extensions from the Chrome Web Store
  • full access to web sites designed for use with Chrome, such as the experimental “100,000 Stars
  • off-line access to eduBuzz Google Docs, e.g. on laptops taken out of wireless network range for learning activities

Please contact David Gilmour or if you have any questions about Chrome.