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Pupil Inclusion Network: Digital Lives

Scotland’s Pupil Inclusion Network has posted some useful links following their recent seminar on how children and young people live their digital lives.

PINS Theme: Digital Lives

This PINS theme explores where children and young people go in the virtual world for fun, social networking and learning. Whilst recognising the major concerns we have – for example bullying and sexual or violent content – we also recognise the positive environments for learning and focus on the digital skills children and young people need.

NEW – Digital citizenship in the classroom

In Alberta, Canada they are exploring a whole range of ways to explore and advance the idea of digital citizenship and using technology for learning including equipping classrooms with the technology they need and children using their own devices. More HERE

NEWEU kids online

Investigates children’s online uses, activities, risks and safety in Europe and globally. More HERE

Does ICT in education interest you?

The Scottish Government is keen to ensure that those with an interest in ICT in education feel engaged with and informed about future activity. Complete this short survey before Friday May 10th. More HERE

esafety briefings

The UK Safer Internet Centre is delivering free-of-charge esafety briefings across Scotland in May. More HERE

Research with young people using digital media

Young Digital is about using digital research with children and young people. More HERE

It’s all about making, being creative and sharing. Every child can be a maker. More HERE

New internet safety resources from With Scotland

A new Internet Safety Resource covers topics such as Safer Social Networking, Online Gaming and Internet Use and Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour. More HERE

Sexting Information for young people

The Corner have created a magazine targeted at young people to explain in simple terms the risks around sexting. More HERE

Digital Literacy Survey 2013

A lack of skills is damaging young people’s job and life chances. More HERE

Technologies and Curriculum for Excellence

Essential reading for those supporting learning in this key area. More HERE


Game-based learning: latest evidence and future directions

This new 48-page report from the National Foundation for Educational Research contains the following recommendations and ‘take-home’ points for teachers:

  • The evidence suggests that game-based learning can improve engagement and
    motivation, but don’t rely on games to improve attainment – there is still a lot we don’t
    know about the impact of video games on learning.
  • The best way of integrating gaming into teaching is by using it within a clear pedagogic
    process. In particular:


Glow Planned Maintenance: Sat 2nd March

Glow be carrying out some Glow Planned Maintenance on Sat 2nd March.

Glow is likely to be unavailable between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00.

If you’re aware of any Glow activities planned on this date please contact David Gilmour or Shirley Lawson.


Professional Learning Communities on Glow

On Tuesday 29th January, Education Scotland will alert colleagues throughout Scottish education about the value of professional learning (CPD) communities on Glow

These communities have evolved from the CPDCentral work with which some of you will be familiar from updates over the last few years.

It is hoped to raise the profile of professional online learning (as advocated in Teaching Scotland’s Future report) by providing a place for us to connect, share and learn with each other and support each other to improve our educational practice.

Feel free to visit the home page of the National PL Community on Glow and have a look for yourself. Your colleagues are encouraged to visit the community support area or email if they have any questions.

As always, we are grateful for the support given by you to make these things possible on Glow. If you have any questions or identify any potential issues, please get in touch using the following email address

Sent on behalf of Con Morris

National Professional Learning Adviser, Education Scotland

eduBuzz Information security

Welcome back! And please change your password.

As you probably know, eduBuzz was rebuilt in case it had been “hacked” after some unusual files were spotted on the server.  We’ve done everything we can to minimise the risk of future trouble, but now we need your help.

To make the site as secure as possible, we need you to change your password. Please choose a good, secure one – not just a word that can be found in a dictionary!

Here’s a simple guide to creating secure password from Edinburgh University.