Making child-friendly surveys with Edubuzz Limesurvey

Meal Survey start page
Meal survey start page with graphics

The Edubuzz Limesurvey system is currently being used for a colourful survey of meal preferences amongst some East Lothian primary schools.

Most of the surveys done to date have just used the default appearance, and text questions, but this example by Elaine Mitchell of Facilities Management Services shows how a survey can be made much more attractive with the addition of some colourful graphics.

Apart from brightening up surveys, images can also be added to questions themselves, and questions asked about them.

Need your post noticed? Make it “Sticky”

“Sticky” posts solve the problem of important posts shuffling off down the page as new posts are published – when really you’d rather keep them up at the top.

To make a post Sticky, edit Visibility from the Publish menu, and check the “Stick this post to the front page” checkbox.

Are you blogging more than you think?

Ooops a daisy! Photo by duncan on Flickr, used with permission.

Could you be accidentally publishing images, documents and other files to the web? 

You could be if you forget that all uploaded files are on the web, not just those you’ve chosen to use in your posts.  And those files can be surprisingly easy to find.

Here’s an example to explain.

Yesterday, a commercial publisher asked for permission to reuse an excellent photo, taken about 3 years ago, which they’d found on an Edubuzz blog. There’s nothing unusual about that: there are now over 8000 images on the site. What was unusual, though, was that the school involved didn’t think they’d used the photo on the blog.

So what was happening?  Read on to find out. Continue reading “Are you blogging more than you think?”