Athelstaneford & St Gabriel’s websites praised by HMIE in recent inspections

Congratulations to students, parents and staff who have helped two East Lothian primaries get some excellent feedback from HMIE on their Edubuzz school web sites.

Athelstaneford Primary
4. How well do staff work with others to support children’s learning?
– Commendably, staff and children share their news through the very attractive and interesting ‘Blog’ on the school website.

6. Does the school have high expectations of all children?

– Children’s achievements are recognised well and celebrated at assemblies, and through attractive displays around the school and on the school’s website.

Read the full Athelstaneford Primary Inspection Report on the HMIE web site.

St Gabriel’s Primary

4. How well do staff work with others to support children’s learning?
– The school website is very well used and is maintained by the children, the staff and Parent Council.

Read the full St Gabriel’s Primary Inspection Report on the HMIE web site.

Futurelab’s new VISION magazine is out

Futurelab graphic

The latest issue of Futurelab’s VISION magazine includes articles on technology and music teaching; augmented reality; digital photography and learning; technology-supported assessment, stimulating discussion in lessons; outdoor learning; and an interview with Derek Robertson, LTS.

You can download it here. (28 pages, 1.8MB, pdf)

Making child-friendly surveys with Edubuzz Limesurvey

Meal Survey start page
Meal survey start page with graphics

The Edubuzz Limesurvey system is currently being used for a colourful survey of meal preferences amongst some East Lothian primary schools.

Most of the surveys done to date have just used the default appearance, and text questions, but this example by Elaine Mitchell of Facilities Management Services shows how a survey can be made much more attractive with the addition of some colourful graphics.

Apart from brightening up surveys, images can also be added to questions themselves, and questions asked about them.

Need your post noticed? Make it “Sticky”

“Sticky” posts solve the problem of important posts shuffling off down the page as new posts are published – when really you’d rather keep them up at the top.

To make a post Sticky, edit Visibility from the Publish menu, and check the “Stick this post to the front page” checkbox.