Author: Suzanne Todd

  • The Humbie Experience

    P1-3 has been learning to use the Stop, Motion, Animation tool on the blue digital camera, which we bought with our Tesco vouchers.  For their first movie they used small world characters to create, “Accident in Happy Land.”  This required the children to systematically move the characters very slightly and take photos of each move.  […]

  • Using Alphasmarts to support writing in the curriculum

    Great features in an Alphasmart: –* children can start work in school, work on it at home and bring it back to school again * work is automatically saved and cannot be deleted in error * Co-Writer (installed on all Alphasmarts) aids spelling and enables the children to create a lengthy piece of work with […]

  • Support for Learning Training Week

    An article about the SfL training week can now be found on the LTS website – localauthorities/index.asp

  • Exc-el Update

    East Lothian Education’s Exc-el development has gained momentum this month. The 2-month-old WordPress-based Exc-el Edublog system is extending its reach into classroom teaching, with large numbers of students now able to contribute. Some have their own learning blogs, others are contributing posts for their class, and some are simply using comments to ask for help […]

  • Finding the right tool for the job

    There are about 3000 start-up companies sitting in Silicon Valley at the moment, each producing more or less cool, engaging web tools which could feasibly be used in the classroom. It’s great fun to play around with these but, if like most teachers your playtime is shorter than you would like, good opportunities might pass […]