Category: Active learning

  • ‘Discovering Digital World’ Roadshow for s1-s3 pupils

    Students in your region are invited to join us this spring for the “Discovering Digital World” roadshow series. An innovative event, FREE to attend for students in S1 – S3, produced by Young Scot in association with My World of Work. The roadshows will showcase the exciting possibilities of a career in digital technology through […]

  • Earn £20 trying out the new ‘Magic Cloud’ ICT toy

    The Magic Cloud is a soft (cloud shaped) cushion that you plug into a computer (USB). When small tags are placed on or near the Cloud, the computer detects them and plays digital media you have chosen e.g. a picture or video recording.  By sticking the tags on an object of your choice, you can […]

  • Is your interactive whiteboard being used to it’s fullest potential?

      If not, here’s your chance to get some great tips! Teaching Literacy interactively  May 26  ECS190 4:15 – 5:30 Knox Academy Teaching Numeracy interactively June 1  ECS189  4:15 – 5:30 Knox Academy The trainer will run through the basic tools within ActivInspire software and demonstrate how a flipchart can easily be created using resources […]

  • Snow day activities

      Aberdeenshire had so many snow days last year that a Glow Snow Group was created.  Pupils were able to log in to Glow and keep in touch with classmates and their teacher by posting stories, photos, doing quizzes and using Glow Chat.  Feedback from teachers was that their pupils spent many happy hours out […]