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End of term Christmas ICT activities

For those of you looking for some festive activities for the last few days, you might be interested in these free resources produced by the website StudyLadder.  Normally, you have to create an account to get your hands on their resources, but there is no sign-in necessary for these ones.  There’s absolutely tons of them!

Grateful thanks to Sandra O’Neill at CALL Scotland for sharing these resources.

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Earn £20 trying out the new ‘Magic Cloud’ ICT toy

The Magic Cloud is a soft (cloud shaped) cushion that you plug into a computer (USB). When small tags are placed on or near the Cloud, the computer detects them and plays digital media you have chosen e.g. a picture or video recording.  By sticking the tags on an object of your choice, you can link any object to any media on the computer e.g. a clay model linked to a child talking about it.  The software has been designed for children as young as 4 years to author independently. 

Andrew Manches (co-director PlingToys) is looking for P1 to P3 teachers to take part in a focus group to create ‘activity suggestions’ for using the Magic Cloud across the curriculum.  He can offer £20 per teacher for an hour session, which will be held in an informal venue. In the session, participants will play with the Magic Cloud and Andrew will ask for your ideas on how is might be used to address CfE objectives. Whilst the tool emphasises creativity, feedback from teachers has been for specific curriculum activity suggestions.

 If you are interested please email He will then email you with a list of possible times (evenings) for the focus group. As well as the £20, he  hopes this offers an interesting opportunity to play with a new form of digital technology (Near Field Communication / RFID).







Classroom resources

Create a classroom banner using Microsoft Publisher

 ‘Banner’ is a popular piece of software that can be found in the Applications folder on Windows XP computers in primary schools.  All new computers are now operating on Windows 7 and the ‘Banner’ software is not compatible.  There is no money available to buy purpose specific software but there is a solution to this…at no extra cost.

 You can use Microsoft Publisher 2010 to design and print out a banner.  Full instructions can be found here

Classroom resources

Looking for a Coomber listening unit

Does anyone have a Coomber listening unit  that could be loaned out to a nursery for a trial period?  Even an old one that plays tapes would be great. If so, please contact Mary Preston or call 01620 828787.  It can be collected at anytime and delivered back.

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Guardian Teacher Network launches 70,000 pages of resources

The content and resources previously available by subscription to the Guardian’s site are now freely available at the Guardian Teacher Network. 

These are based on the National Curriculum in England, but include many resources which will be of value to teachers here.

Today the Guardian is embarking on an exciting new project that will give teachers access to 70,000 pages of lesson plans and modern interactive teaching materials, all absolutely free.

While others in the online media firmament are testing out the prospect for putting material behind paywalls, we’ve decided to go the other way. We’re liberating premium content from our resources website and making it completely free to teachers and schools.

From today any teacher can access our vast repository of resources free at Our new Guardian Teacher Network comprises content covering every objective, age four to 18, in what used to be the national curriculum.

Full story:

Visit the Guardian Teacher Network: