eduBuzz Limesurvey

eduBuzz LimeSurvey has moved

limesurvey-logoThe eduBuzz LimeSurvey system can now be accessed at

This system uses the same usernames and passwords as before.

You’ll notice that the screen look a bit different – it’s very lime! This is a change that was introduced with Version 2 of the software. The new version uses more up-to-date web technologies, and should have better usability.


eduBuzz Limesurvey

eduBuzz LimeSurvey Web Survey Service

limesurvey-logoThe eduBuzz LimeSurvey service is currently temporarily shutdown to permit migration to a new hosting service, LimeService.

Following the move of the eduBuzz WordPress (blogs) service to a specialist company, we no longer need to run the large dedicated server it was on, and this is the most cost-efficient way to maintain the LimeSurvey service in the future.

Existing data is being migrated today, and it it hoped to have the service back up by the end of the day.

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EduBuzz Incident Involving Loss of Uploaded Files – Update

This is an update on the recent incident.

The hosting company have now restored the majority of the uploaded files (57,665 of ~68,000 files) from backup.

Those files which cannot be restored are those missing files which were uploaded since around November 2013 when the site was moved to its new hosts.

Document files

  • Arrangements are in hand to contact contributors who uploaded document files which are still missing. Where new copies of the same files can be provided, the hosting company will replace them exactly as before.

Image files

  • It is not practical to replace image files in the same way.

If your site’s appearance is being affected by missing image files, e.g. because a header image is still missing, these will need to be replaced manually.  Please contact us ( for assistance if required.

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Incident Affecting Schools eduBuzz (WordPress) Web Sites

We learned this week that there has been a major incident affecting the files which have been uploaded by our staff and students to their schools eduBuzz WordPress sites.

We now know the extent of the problem, and this post is to share that information, and advise you of current recovery plans. Please share it with other staff as appropriate.

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Image display issues on eduBuzz WordPress sites


Many images around the eduBuzz WordPress sites are currently not displaying properly. Many other uploaded files, such as PDF documents, are also inaccessible.

The image on the left is a screenshot showing what visitors to the sites see where image(s) should be. This example was obtained using Internet Explorer 9; other browsers might handle the situation differently.

Attempts to access uploaded files such as PDF documents are causing the error message “Forbidden” to be displayed.

A support call has been raised with the hosting company, and they are currently investigating.