Web site photos: can we stop them being copied and posted to Facebook?

An East Lothian school had a query from a Mum wondering if it was possible to prevent children’s photos being copied from school web sites and being posted to Facebook. Our response contained advice on the use of Facebook privacy settings which may be of value to others, so we’re posting it here.

Many years ago, some people did try to create technical barriers to the copying of photos from web site pages. They were mainly professional photographers trying to prevent the theft of their copyright images. Trying to do that, though, has fallen completely out of favour for two reasons.

Firstly, it was always ineffective. People found ways to work around the barriers. For example, with modern high-res computer screens, you can hit “Print Screen” to copy anything on the screen to the Clipboard. From there, it’s a small step to pasting into Paint and saving as a new, surprisingly good quality, image. These days, people might grab a phone, and take a snap. Continue reading “Web site photos: can we stop them being copied and posted to Facebook?”