GLOW Phase 3 Pilot

As an authority we have been asked to participate in the Phase 3 Pilot of the GLOW portal.  This pilot will run from the 11th June until the end of term and will test the ‘GLOW Learn’ function of the portal.  This is the Virtual Learning Environment.

Developments within GLOW

GLOW Pilot Phase 2

East Lothian has taken part in the Phase 2 Piloting of the GLOW Portal along with thirteen other authorities across Scotland.  Having successfully piloted Phase 1 of the GLOW portal in two of our schools (King’s Meadow and Knox Academy) we were looking forward to this next stage in the development of the GLOW portal.  Six components of the portal were to be tested – Web Hosting, Glow Meet, Glow Chat, Video Streaming, Mailing Lists and Secure File Transfer.  Remote Access was also available during this pilot which meant that Mentors could access GLOW from home, giving them more of an opportunity to test out the tools available.

Although some teething troubles were encountered during this pilot phase using some of the tools, valuable information was learned on how to move this forward within East Lothian, and also for the developers of GLOW.  Further information on the Phase 2 pilot can be found by accessing the following blogs



GLOWING in East Lothian

GLOW Mentors should now have received their log in to access the GLOW portal remotely.  I am happy to say that I have accessed the portal remotely this morning.  Hope you can all log in successfully too.

GLOWING in East Lothian

GLOW Mentors gathered together for an udate on the developments that have been taking place within GLOW. This meeting coincided with the portal being made live on Monday 19 March. So it was that today we had our first glimpse of the GLOW portal for the Phase 2 Pilot. Only myself and the participating Pilot schools have access to the portal this week, in order to activate pupil accounts so that the portal will be ready for action when pupils return to school after the Easter break. All Mentors will receive notification of their Username and Password by 26 March when Remote Access of the portal will also become available. First impressions were that the portal did not look significantly different from Phase 1 but more exploration revealed significant changes ……….