Category: Information security

  • Accessing emails from home

    There are significant changes taking place on the Council’s corporate network to enable the Council to meet the requirements of the Public Sector Network or PSN, including switching off Outlook Web Access (OWA) and blocking access to the Home Working System with personal equipment and currently issued Council equipment. Just to confirm…….This does not affect school staff accessing […]

  • Welcome back! And please change your password.

    As you probably know, eduBuzz was rebuilt in case it had been “hacked” after some unusual files were spotted on the server.  We’ve done everything we can to minimise the risk of future trouble, but now we need your help. To make the site as secure as possible, we need you to change your password. Please […]

  • Encrypted pendrives – warning!

      A recent unfortunate case of a teacher forgetting her encrypted pendrive password has flagged up an important point.  If you have to reset your password then all data on the pendrive will be erased.  You have 10 chances to type in the password and will be given a warning when you have 5 chances […]

  • Acceptable User Policy (AUP)

    A copy of East Lothian Council Education & Children’s Services’ Acceptable User Policy can now be found on our Support page of Education ICT news.

  • Are you blogging more than you think?

    Could you be accidentally publishing images, documents and other files to the web?  You could be if you forget that all uploaded files are on the web, not just those you’ve chosen to use in your posts.  And those files can be surprisingly easy to find. Here’s an example to explain. Yesterday, a commercial publisher […]