Category: Internet Safety

  • Parent/Guardian Letter from Police Scotland

    OFFICIAL: NONE Dear Parent or Guardian, Across the country, young people are increasingly being asked by fraudsters to receive and send money through their own bank accounts, sometimes keeping some of the cash for themselves. This is commonly known as being a money mule. Criminals need money mules to launder the profits of their crimes.…

  • Jessie & Friends: online safety education for 4-7s

    Jessie & Friends: online safety education for 4-7s

    Jessie & Friends is a three-episode animated series from ThinkUKnow which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to help them stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they may encounter online. “We are delighted to announce the launch of Jessie & Friends, our new online safety…

  • NSPCC Sexting Guidance

    James White at Ineqe Group ( has drawn our attention to this NSPCC guidance on sexting. NSPCC Research – 15% increase in counselling related to sexting. NSPCC has produced a guide to assist parents talk with children about the dangers and legalities surrounding sexting, empowering them to say no to requests.

  • Safer Internet Day 2015: 10th February

  • Is it okay to copy an Edubuzz photo and put it on Facebook?

    Question:  Is it okay for a parent /carer to copy a photo from Edubuzz and put it on Facebook? Answer:     It is clearly okay for a parent to do what he or she wants with his/her own child’s photograph.  If other children are included in this photo the parent/carer should check with the children involved, or their…