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eduBuzz LimeSurvey has moved

limesurvey-logoThe eduBuzz LimeSurvey system can now be accessed at

This system uses the same usernames and passwords as before.

You’ll notice that the screen look a bit different – it’s very lime! This is a change that was introduced with Version 2 of the software. The new version uses more up-to-date web technologies, and should have better usability.


eduBuzz Limesurvey

eduBuzz LimeSurvey Web Survey Service

limesurvey-logoThe eduBuzz LimeSurvey service is currently temporarily shutdown to permit migration to a new hosting service, LimeService.

Following the move of the eduBuzz WordPress (blogs) service to a specialist company, we no longer need to run the large dedicated server it was on, and this is the most cost-efficient way to maintain the LimeSurvey service in the future.

Existing data is being migrated today, and it it hoped to have the service back up by the end of the day.

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eduBuzz “Limesurvey” online survey system upgraded

The eduBuzz Limesurvey system is now running the latest software version, v1.91.

You can find out about the new features in this version over on the Limesurvey web site. It also fixes some bugs in earlier versions.

Although known mainly for its use in surveying P6 and S2 students each year, this is a powerful tool available to staff and students for any other schools or learning survey purposes.



eduBuzz LimeSurvey Upgraded

If you use the eduBuzz LimeSurvey system ( you’ll notice some changes. It has been upgraded to the current software version, which features one or two small changes to the user interface to make it easier to use.

eduBuzz Limesurvey is a powerful survey system capable of handling large surveys, question logic, email invites, simple analysis and more.  You can find out more about LimeSurvey here:

Logins are available to all East Lothian school staff and students on request.


eduBuzz Limesurvey “Quick Stats” can now summarise by school etc

The EduBuzz Limesurvey web-based survey tool has proved popular not just for the annual student surveys, but also for a wide range of other purposes, including sports, school meals and courses. We’ve now realised that it offers even more time-saving features than we thought.

The “Quick Stats” feature, which enables rapid production of survey summaries, complete with charts if required, saves us a lot of time analysing simple surveys. But up till now, we thought it was limited to “all or nothing” use; we might be able to choose to summarise a subset of the questions, but would always have to summarise all responses.

Today, in response to a question from Kay Morrison of Active Schools, we’ve realised that it can also provide summaries of filtered subsets of the responses. For example, in a survey involving all schools, and including a “What is your school?” question, it’s possible to quickly produce summary results, in the usual way, but for each individual school; here’s how:

How to filter your results by a specific answer (e.g. Training/Playing venue):

Limesurvey: Filtering Results

Basically, if you *don’t* tick the box to include an individual question (e.g. “Training / Playing venue”) in the results, then you can use its answers as filter criteria.

More details available on the Limesurvey documentation wiki here: