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  • Email delegation now available to all eduBuzz Google Apps users

    In work situations, it’s often necessary for staff to delegate access to their email to other people in their team. Up till now, that hasn’t been possible with eduBuzz Google Apps, but it’s now easy to set up. This new feature may be of particular interest to Business Education teachers, because it enables students to […]

  • New SEEMIS “Scheduled Maintenance Windows”

    SEEMIS are introducing scheduled dates and times for system maintenance. This email has been sent to schools today with details for East Lothian schools. F.A.O. All SEEMIS Users In a bid to enable Education Authorities and schools to plan more effectively and to enhance the robustness and reliability of SEEMIS services including Click & Go and SEEMIS […]

  • Nominations now open for the Edublogs Awards

    Celebrating the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology. Now into our 7th year! And this year we’re going to run the nominations for each category just the same as we did last year 🙂 Nominations close 3rd December. Details here:

  • What does East Lothian in 2010 sound like?

    The British Library launched a UKSoundmap Project in July 2010, but to date no sounds have been contributed for East Lothian.:-( Maybe that’s something your school could help put right? Britain’s sonic environment is ever changing. Urbanisation, transport developments, climate change and even everyday lifestyles all affect our built and natural soundscapes. The sounds around […]

  • Internet connection interruption overnight 26/27 Oct 2010

    The “Interconnect 2” internet connection for all East Lothian schools will be interrupted overnight between 10.30pm on Tuesday 26th October 2010 and 6.30am on Wednesday 27th October 2010. This is to allow service changeover by the suppliers.