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Edubuzz Limesurvey tool gets even better!

The Limesurvey web-based survey system on  was updated last week, and now offers easy addition of images and automatic “Quick Stats” analysis of survey results.
Edubuzz Limesurvey admin screen
Edubuzz Limesurvey admin screen

You may have heard of Limesurvey in the context of the East Lothian-wide surveys of P6 and S2 student learning experiences, but not realised it was available for other purposes. It’s a powerful yet easy-to-use survey tool, and logins are available for East Lothian school staff and students on request.

As a result of last week’s changes:

1. Images can be easily uploaded and inserted in questions

 2. Limesurvey can now perform quick analysis and charting of survey data

  • This is done using the “Quick Statistics” tool (it uses a Pie Chart icon) while browsing survey data.
  • This offers significant time savings compared to analysis in Excel, if only simple tables and graphs are required.
  • The output from “Quick Statistics” can be viewed on screen as HTML, or used to create a pdf file.
  • Output can also be sent to Excel, but charts aren’t included. This is still a good time-saver.

– The feature is documented here, with illustrations.

 The availability of the simple analysis tools, and the time it saves, probably now makes it a viable tool for use by students wishing to perform their own surveys.

Interactive Whiteboards News

Cycle Training Resource for Interactive Whiteboards

 We’ve just learned from Iain Reid, East Lothian’s Cycle Officer, that Promethean, together with Argyll and Bute Council, offer free interactive whiteboard resources to support the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme.

Promethean have worked with the Argyll and Bute Road Safety Unit to create flipchart lessons and activities tied into the SCTS Resource Toolkit.  All flipcharts have Page Notes to help teachers with lesson objectives and intended use of the resources.

The flipcharts cover the topics of equipment and maintenance, roads hazards, road signs and markings, road positions and cycling manoeuvres. There are also several flipchart pages with games and flashcards to prepare pupils for completing the two cycling theory test papers.  

As well as flipcharts, Road Safety Scotland have also given copyright permission for images from their SCTS Resource Toolkit. 

Google News

Save time with new Google Image search options

Google Images has now gained its own Search Options. You’ll find the full story on the Google Blog.

This new feature offers quick access to existing tools, including search by color and image type. Color search will find images that are only in color or only in black and white, or even images that contain a specific color, such as red, pink, or green. Type search is a great way to narrow down your results if you are looking for a specific kind of image, such as a photo, clip art, line drawing or face.