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Wood Frame Mini Chalk Board: CC0 licensed image by
    Wood Frame Mini Chalk Board: CC0 licensed image by 

Making web site of Twitter posts attractive needs good images, and looks a good source of quality, free stock photos if you don’t have anything else available. 

They’re all free to use for personal or commercial purposes under a Creative Commons licence.

If you’re using the Featured Posts Grid or Slider in the Twenty Fourteen theme, this is an ideal way of quickly finding appropriate images to illustrate those posts which don’t include your own photograph.

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Have You Tried YouTube’s Slideshow Creator?

YouTube’s for sharing videos, right? So that big Upload button in my YouTube account will be for uploading video files. What else could it be for?

unnamedThe surprising answer is that it’s now a place we can go to not just upload videos we’ve already made, but upload images and use them to create new video slideshows.  And those slideshows seem to be much more accessible, displaying on mobile phones and tablets, including Apple ones, when PhotoPeach’s Flash-based slideshows don’t work.  If you’ve used PhotoPeach, you’ll find the process is very similar:

  • upload your images
  • arrange them as required
  • add music if you want
  • tweak timing, slide effect and transition as required – your changes preview immediately
  • upload the video you’ve made

If you’d like to go further, you can use the YouTube Video Editor, accessed in the same place, to edit your slideshow videos in a simple editor that’s very similar to MovieMaker.

Embedding YouTube videos in your WordPress site is just a matter of pasting the video URL (web page address) into the blog post where you want it to appear. All going well, you’ll see the embedded video in the editor, but this may depend on your browser.

Here’s an example:

More information:


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eduBuzz “Limesurvey” online survey system upgraded

The eduBuzz Limesurvey system is now running the latest software version, v1.91.

You can find out about the new features in this version over on the Limesurvey web site. It also fixes some bugs in earlier versions.

Although known mainly for its use in surveying P6 and S2 students each year, this is a powerful tool available to staff and students for any other schools or learning survey purposes.


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Interactive E-safety Game

There’s a new internet safety game for 8 – 10 year olds called ‘Star Riders’ from the people at Thinkuknow.

This interactive game requires the user to answer questions about internet safety to increase the amount of time they have to collect stars and avoid nasty icons.  There’s a leader board to encourage users to improve.  The questions users are asked will be changed every few months to reflect new themes.   

You can access the game at, and it’s currently also featured in the right-hand sidebar of the home page.

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How to upload a video to You Tube

Have a look here if you need a reminder on how to upload a video to You Tube.  You can then use the link in a post on your website.

Uploading a Video to You Tube