The Scottish BBC Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition

Get your school ready to take part
Pre-register with your local race HUB through
To receive your allocation of 5 free rocket car kits for your participating teams attend your Competition briefing held at your Race HUB on 3rd and 4th May at 3.30pm. Open Race days at your HUB in the week of the 30th May. National
Finals on the 9th June 2016

Details poster: save the date for the scottish Microbit Model rocket car competition (PDF,  1 page, 1.6MB)


East Lothian Numeracy Academy


A new Numeracy Academy website has been developed to support staff using SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) to teach numeracy.

The website contains videos and materials, including flipcharts, to support the approach.

The link for the site is:


Technology note:

The site is built using the Sites part of eduBuzz Google Apps for Education, and has been given a short URL by us to make it easy to remember; the default ones are quite long. Contact to find out more.


Gooru: a New Search Engine for Learning

Looks like every teacher should know about Gooru: it’s free – and free of adverts – with some big names in education behind it.

“A Search Engine for Learning
Teachers and students can use Gooru to search for rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos,
games and quizzes created by educators in the Gooru community.

Gooru is free (of cost and ads) and developed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the
human right to education.”


Try it out at, or find out more at

Via Alastair Creelman’s Corridor of Learning.


New John Gray Centre web site is live!

Why not be one of the first to visit the new John Gray Centre’s new web site,

Their Helen Bleck has today announced that it’s now live:

I just wanted to let you all know that our ‘real’ URL,, is now showing the website the JGC team have all been toiling over during the past year. Orangeleaf (our contractor) and I did the DNS switchover on Monday morning, and Orangeleaf have been checking all the links and maps are switched and working properly over the last couple of days. So I think we can now safely say the website is live!!!

You can also keep up to date on their latest news via their Facebook page and on Twitter (@JohnGrayCentre and  @HelenJGC)

News Resources

Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches

Tobar an Dualchais web site

Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches is a collaborative project which has been set up to preserve, digitise, catalogue and make available online several thousand hours of Gaelic and Scots recordings.

The website contains a wealth of material such as folklore, songs, music, history, poetry, traditions, stories and other information. The material has been collected from all over Scotland and beyond from the 1930s onwards.

Via Colm (@colmsbt) at the Scottish Book Trust.