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Image display issues on eduBuzz WordPress sites


Many images around the eduBuzz WordPress sites are currently not displaying properly. Many other uploaded files, such as PDF documents, are also inaccessible.

The image on the left is a screenshot showing what visitors to the sites see where image(s) should be. This example was obtained using Internet Explorer 9; other browsers might handle the situation differently.

Attempts to access uploaded files such as PDF documents are causing the error message “Forbidden” to be displayed.

A support call has been raised with the hosting company, and they are currently investigating.



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Are you planning to work in school on Tuesday 13th August? Read on….

The core firewall for schools is being replaced on Tuesday 13th August. This means there will be down time on the schools network at some point during that day.  It is s difficult to say when downtime will happen as it depends on how the install goes. It is hoped that it will be for around half an hour but it may be longer.

This will affect access to the WWW  for all schools and at High Schools will affect access to JMH core servers. Seemis access will also be affected.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.

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Schools Network Service Interruptions – Tuesday 13th August

Due to maintenance activities, there will be some interruption to schools web access, including SEEMIS, and to the schools “Education Exchange” network file share service, at some point during Tuesday 13th August.

The time of the interruptions is not known, but these will be kept to a minimum.

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Sign-up bug fixed for email addresses

East Lothian students can now use their email addresses to create accounts here on WordPress and create their own eduBuzz WordPress blogs.

We recently discovered that attempts to do that were failing. Everything appeared to work properly, but the sign-up confirmation emails never arrived.

The reason for that has now been identified, fixed and successfully tested.



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IT warning to all Primary Teachers – save your work safely before the end of June!

Primary School Server upgrades

This summer, the wide-area network (WAN) that connects East Lothian’s schools together is being upgraded. As part of this work, the primary schools’ servers will need to be completely re-configured. This is a major piece of work, and means that:

 No primary school computers or network resources (e.g. internet access, shared files, printing) will be available for the first two weeks of the holidays (2nd – 13th July).

 ** Email will still be available from home.

 Primary School PC/Laptop changes:

Following this work, every PC and laptop in every primary school will need to have some work done on them to make them work with the new setup. This means all laptops must be left in the school over the holidays so they can be updated.

 All files currently stored on any primary school computer will be PERMANENTLY DELETED

This includes documents, digital photos etc that are stored on your desktop or in the My Documents folder.

 All files that you want to keep must be moved to your server before the holidays – either to your S: drive or your Z: drive.

Terry Brown, ICT Officer has created a great little batch file that copies your favourites to your Z drive. This will be really handy for Primary school teachers to do before the summer. You can find it in the folder :

 My Computer \Education Exchange \ ICT \ Copy Favourites

If you have large amounts of digital video or photos to store, it may be more suitable to store them on an external USB hard disk – your ICT Co-ordinator will be able to advise you. If you are unsure of what this means for you, please phone the IT Service Desk on 01620 827205 for advice and support.