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Add Quizzes to Your Slideshows at is a great free site for making simple slideshows.

Features include:

  • A very simple, easy-to-use interface
  • A range of instrumental, pop and classical music you can add to your slideshows
  • The choice of “Quiz” slides, with 3 questions – and a countdown timer!
  • Slideshow can be linked to, or embedded in eduBuzz blogs
  • Like most of these sites, there’s a limitation in the terms to the effect that children of 13 and under can only sign up as individuals if they’ve got parent or guardian permission. There’s no issue, though, with supervised use of a teacher account in class.

    Hat tip to CT Margaret Vass in Falkirk for the discovery.

    Here’s an example:

    My demo slideshow on PhotoPeach

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Shorten and share long links with eduBuzz Google Apps

The eduBuzz Google Apps “Short Links” service is now available at some new, even shorter, addresses.

You’ll now find it at:

URL shortening services, such as, are a popular way to share long web site addresses.

By turning a long and complex URL into one just a few characters long, the short address becomes one that can be included in a paper newsletter, for example, without readers having to carefully retype the whole thing.

Often individual users can create personal accounts with these services, and keep a personal list of their shortened URLs.  But these lists aren’t visible to anyone else. An even if they were, there’s no easy way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links

That’s where the eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links can help. It provides a shared way of sharing shorter URLs.  Also, it records how often the short URLs are used – so if you include one in your school newsletter, you can check how many people actually used it.

Here’s an example, where it’s being used to make the complex URL of a national Glow Group much more accessible.

Original link:

eduBuzz short link:



eduBuzz Short Links is an experimental Google Labs service.


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At last! Automagic video embedding

Imagine you could just paste the URL of a video in your Edubuzz blog post, and it would automatically get embedded? The good news is – you can!

And what’s more, it works not only with YouTube, but loads of other sites, including Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr (both images and videos), Photobucket and more.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Copy the URL of the video or image from the original site.
  2. Paste it into your content area (it *must* be on it’s own line).

Although you’ll just see the URL in your editor, WordPress will automagically embed it when the post is viewed.

What should my post look like?

Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.

And here’s the result:
Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.
What other sites does this work with?

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Futurelab’s new VISION magazine is out

Futurelab graphic

The latest issue of Futurelab’s VISION magazine includes articles on technology and music teaching; augmented reality; digital photography and learning; technology-supported assessment, stimulating discussion in lessons; outdoor learning; and an interview with Derek Robertson, LTS.

You can download it here. (28 pages, 1.8MB, pdf)
Here’s more on the main articles:


Making child-friendly surveys with Edubuzz Limesurvey

Meal Survey start page
Meal survey start page with graphics

The Edubuzz Limesurvey system is currently being used for a colourful survey of meal preferences amongst some East Lothian primary schools.

Most of the surveys done to date have just used the default appearance, and text questions, but this example by Elaine Mitchell of Facilities Management Services shows how a survey can be made much more attractive with the addition of some colourful graphics.

Apart from brightening up surveys, images can also be added to questions themselves, and questions asked about them.