East Lothian Mathematics wireless laptop pilot project 2005/2006

The presentation of the findings of the wireless laptop project was held on Friday 10 November.  The project goals were to find out information about the use of wireless laptops in the secondary maths classrooms of two of our High Schools – Knox Academy and Preston Lodge High School – as well as testing the robustness of wireless networks within a secondary department.  The pilot also wanted to find out the differences there may be between using PC Laptops and Tablet PCs.  The end result of this pilot was one of modest success, some of the successes noted as being* Access to information and resources on the internet* General enjoyment and motivation, with a resulting boost to confidence* Particular help with low achieving pupils* Investigative activities on topics in mathematics made possible* Pupils adopting strategic approaches, not merely tactical ones.There were some surprises too* Competence on the part of the young people in dealing with new challenges when using the computer, and the speed of their learning.* Good behaviour on the part of the young people.* Visualisation was made easier by using the computer* Regular use helped to develop good habits.* Helped to promote a positive ethos in the classroom.Should anyone wish to have a copy of the full report then email stodd@eastlothian.gov.uk

School ICT co-ordinator technical support meetings

Three meetings between the IT department and the School ICT co-ordinators have been arranged to support schools address some of the most common technical issues affecting them.  The meetings are as follows: 15/1/06      How to make an accurate IT Helpdesk Call/Common Printing issues19/2/06      Solving and reporting Network problems12/3/06      TBA The meetings will run from 4 to 5.30 and it is hoped that feedback from the first 2 meetings will constitute the agenda for the 3rd and potentially subsequent meetings.  We hope that these meetings together with the additional IT officer posts, will enable East Lothian Council to provide a responsive, high quality support service.

Schoolmaster Email

You may be aware that Schoolmaster email went into liquidation some months ago. The company has now been taken over by Spider Networks. We intend to continue the service with them for pupil email accounts until the email services with Glow become available. The new service will be relaunched around Christmas and will be called Edukit. The usernames and passwords for the current system will remain the same. Nearer the launch, Spider networks will advise us of any
changes to the look and feel of the service and supply us with support documentation to forward to schools.

School email system

All staff in schools are now able to access the School email system.  Emails can now be accessed from home using the following link https://mail.elcschool.org.uk  You will be asked to enter your Username and Password.Any staff who have forgotten their Password should log a call with the IT Helpdesk to have another one set up.Staff should make every effort to Log in to their email to check for any messages.Any schools requiring a refresher training on the email system should contact Suzanne Todd in the first instance.