Interactive Whiteboards

Fading image from your board projector?

You can order a new projector in one of two ways:

  1. Call AVM on 0845 26 26 600. Provide the school ledger code  and they will invoice the school directly.
  2. Send the order details and ledger code to  and they will raise a formal PO via Pecos.

ELC no longer has any interactive whiteboard projectors (or lamps) to offer at subsidised costs therefore cost will be £295 plus £95 installation.  The new Epson EB-X20 projector replaces the EB-X11 model.


ICT updates

Rather than bombard you with a huge list of ICT information, we are going to post a series of short information snippits starting today with…

Encrypted pendrives

Using ELnet to access council employee information

ActivInspire software for your Interactive Whiteboard

If you have a particular ICT question you want to ask, email



Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboard and projector problems?

We don’t want you inconvenienced by having a board or projector problem so we have an Audio Visual contract in place with AVM Education (formerly known as Matrix Display)  Have a look at the rebranded Help sheets. 

East Lothian AV Call Logging Instructions re-branded

East Lothian AV Good Practice re-branded

East Lothian AV Help Sheet re-branded 

Call 0845 26 26 600 if you are experiencing a problem and an engineer will be on site within 24 hours.  If you are unhappy with any part of the service, please submit your comments to


Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboard / projector not working?

We have an audio visual contract in place with AVM Education Ltd  (previously known as Matrix Display Systems Ltd)  which allows you to have an engineer visit your class within 24 hours if the fault cannot be rectified via advice by telephone.  Call 0845 26 26 600 to report any faults – don’t hestitate to call and ask a question if you are unhappy about any aspect of the board / projector functionality.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboard projector problems?

Just a reminder that all faults should be logged with the Matrix Display helpdesk on 0845 26 26 200.  East Lothian Council have a maintenance and repair contract with Matrix and so there will be no charge to schools for call outs and repairs.  And it will be attended to quickly!

If you need a new bulb for your projector, call the Matrix Display helpdesk on the number above (not the council IT Helpdesk)  and an engineer will bring out your new one and install it – no cost for the call out or installation, just for the actual bulb.  The cost of the bulb is subsidised – normally £200, schools will be only be charged £100.  Not only will a new bulb be installed, the engineers will take this opportunity to clean the projector filters which will extend the future life of the bulb.