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  • Looking for a Coomber listening unit

    Does anyone have a Coomber listening unit  that could be loaned out to a nursery for a trial period?  Even an old one that plays tapes would be great. If so, please contact Mary Preston mpreston@eastlothian.gov.uk or call 01620 828787.  It can be collected at anytime and delivered back.

  • Multi-user collaboration on a single Google Doc: a real-life example

    Yes, but how could a lot of people work in the same document at the same time? Wouldn’t it be impossible? A common reaction to Google-style live collaboration, but very wrong. You can see it happening now – a live, real-life example of collaboration via Google Docs: Charles Arthur of the Guardian Technology Section is…

  • Glow

    Glow offers a range of web-based tools which enable new teaching possibilities.  Tools currently proving popular in East Lothian include Glow Meet, a web-based conferencing system;  the Guardian Learnewsdesk service, which provides up-to-date resources on topical topics, and Glow Groups, private sites to support collaboration between staff or students nationwide. If you’re interested in finding…