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Looking for a Coomber listening unit

Does anyone have a Coomber listening unit  that could be loaned out to a nursery for a trial period?  Even an old one that plays tapes would be great. If so, please contact Mary Preston or call 01620 828787.  It can be collected at anytime and delivered back.

Digital literacy Google

Multi-user collaboration on a single Google Doc: a real-life example

Yes, but how could a lot of people work in the same document at the same time? Wouldn’t it be impossible? A common reaction to Google-style live collaboration, but very wrong.

You can see it happening now – a live, real-life example of collaboration via Google Docs: Charles Arthur of the Guardian Technology Section is using a table in a public Google Doc to crowdsource information about the dimensions of new tablet computers currently available.

He kicked things off with this tweet.

There are currently 17 users, who could be anywhere, contributing to the document.

If you want to try this kind of collaboration with your class, eduBuzz Google Apps allows you to do this with as many, or as few, collaborators as you want. Get in touch if you’d like logins for your class.



Glow offers a range of web-based tools which enable new teaching possibilities.  Tools currently proving popular in East Lothian include Glow Meet, a web-based conferencing system;  the Guardian Learnewsdesk service, which provides up-to-date resources on topical topics, and Glow Groups, private sites to support collaboration between staff or students nationwide.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us for your login details; almost all staff and students can be provided with logins on request.


Also, if you’d like an introduction to help get you started, let us know and we’ll arrange an after-school session in your school for anyone interested. These can be demonstrations, to show what’s possible, or hands-on sessions to let you practice using Glow and get your questions answered.