CPD course in Digitial Creativity: 23 November 2013: Edinburgh

Come along to Edinburgh University on Saturday 23rd November and learn about how to make web pages, edit videos, create computer game characters, design and print 3D objects, make mobile apps using Livecode or AppInventor, create visual programs or animations.  Lots of workshops for teachers of all subjects so please let your colleagues know (this time it’s not just the Computing teachers that get to have all the fun!).  There are also workshops that would interest Primary teachers.  All of the workshops involve free or open source software so you can then use what you learn back in class.
For more information and to book, go to

You can choose up to two workshops (one am, one pm) from the following sessions:

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Vectorian Giotto is a powerful and free animation tool for creating 2D animations and interactive presentations. In this session you will explore the features of the tool whilst making short animations for science, literacy and foreign language, and discuss how the software can be applied to different curriculum areas. Animation is not just for art or computing classrooms, it can be an engaging medium across the curriculum.
Suitable for: Secondary teachers of all subjects at all levels.

Website Development
You will learn how to design and build your own website or web app using the latest web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3. No previous coding experience is necessary.  You will learn to code “by hand” using free open source tools.  By the end of the day, you will publish your new digital creation to the web and we will test it works across multiple platforms (desktops, tablets, smartphones).  After the session, we will keep your creation online, and we will show you how you can download it.  You’ll be ready to develop websites with your pupils as a way to consolidate learning or support topic or interdisciplinary learning.
Suitable for: Secondary teachers of all subjects at all levels.

Design and code behaviours for a video game character. This workshop will introduce the basics of programming for video games using the Python programming language. In this session you can create custom behaviours and animations for a video game character and build a virtual obstacle course.
Suitable for: Teachers of National 4 / National 5 Computing

MAKLab is Scotland’s first open access digital fabrication studio. During the workshop you can create a 3D model of an object of your choice in 3D software and then print the physical object on a 3D printer. The process of creating a 3D object is a memorable and meaningful learning experience. The cost of 3D printers has reduced and schools and local authorities are purchasing them as shared devices for use across the curriculum, particularly for product design, prototyping, model making and jewellery design.
Suitable for: Secondary teachers of all subjects at all levels, particularly CDT, Art and Computing.

Processing is an open source programing language, community and development environment. In this workshop you will learn how to rapidly demonstrate computational principles with striking interactive visual output. There will be scope to be responsive to the needs of the attendees and explore way of teaching elements of programming you find tricky. This will be hands on, fun and you will make something interesting.
Suitable for: Teachers of National 4 / National 5 Computing

Livecode is an easy to learn, open source, high level language for creating programs and mobile apps for a variety of platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. The LiveCode introductory session will take you through creating a short interactive eBook working with text, simple animation and using sound. You will then create a simple, side scrolling hot air balloon game working with moving background images to give the illusion of movement, controlling an on-screen element, and detecting collisions to collect bonus points or end the game when you collide with negative elements.These are activities that would be suitable for using with a National 4/5 Computing class. At the workshop you will also get resources for teaching Livecode with classes up to Higher level.
Suitable for: Teachers of National 4 / National 5 / Higher Computing plus other interested subject teachers

App Inventor
We have to provide students with an experience of Computing Science that’s not only accessible and exciting, but real world. What better way to do this than tapping into the mobile revolution? This workshop will provide an overview of the RSE/BCS Computing Science exemplification project and focus on how teachers might use “I Love My Smartphone” to introduce mobile app development in the classroom.
Suitable for: Teachers of National 4 Computing plus other interested subject teachers
This is a not for profit event.  If you have questions or queries about this event please email

CPD Interactive Whiteboards

Tune in on-line to learn more about ActivInspire

 Have you been using ActivInspire, but find yourself lost? This session via webinar ** will provide you with a clear overview of each of the browsers and how to navigate through the program.

Date: Wednesday 27th February

Time: 8–8:45 p.m. (GMT)

The main objectives will be to (a)  Identify and explore the browsers in ActivInspire and (b)  Discover how to effectively use the features of each browser

Please register here:

** Think about a webinar as a way to attend a conference without leaving home. Using your computer and telephone, you can hear a presentation (like a conference call) and also see the presenter’s slides (watching over an internet connection). You won’t be able to see the presenter or the moderator, or others attending the program — and they won’t be able to see you. (A plus if you want to attend in your pajamas!)


E-Safety Live Conference: Edinburgh, March 22nd

Are you interested in educating your staff and pupils to stay safe on-line?  Sign up now for the E-Safety Live conference on March 22nd at Heriot Watt University Conference Centre.

E-Safety Live poster

E-Safety Live workshops

The events this year include 12 workshop sessions on a wide range of topics on games-based learning, bullying, parental engagement and support as well as resources to use in the classroom. The sessions will deliver useful, current advice and information regarding the safe and proactive use of online technologies in learning and education.

For enquiries, please email


Glow-ing on holiday

 If you are planning to have a dig about in Glow during your summer holidays, please avoid the the five day period from 00:00 on Fri 22 Jul until 18:00 on Tue 26 Jul as Glow will be unavailable due to necessary maintenance work.

Active learning

Is your interactive whiteboard being used to it’s fullest potential?


If not, here’s your chance to get some great tips!

Teaching Literacy interactively  May 26  ECS190 4:15 – 5:30 Knox Academy

Teaching Numeracy interactively June 1  ECS189  4:15 – 5:30 Knox Academy

The trainer will run through the basic tools within ActivInspire software and demonstrate how a flipchart can easily be created using resources available within ActivInspire.  The focus will be on Literacy (session 1) and Numeracy (session 2).  Participants will learn how to find ready made numeracy and literacy flipcharts on Promethean Planet and how to download them to use in the classroom.  Useful tips will be provided on how to get pupils involved in the learning by actively engaging with the whiteboard activity.

This will be a hands on session allowing staff to ask questions while using the ActivInspire software.  Suitable for all Primary teachers with little or some experience.  Sign up on the CPDshare blog