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What’s New in Google Apps newsletter – May 2016

This newsletter provides a roundup of all the new features added to Google Apps from May 2016.


The new Google Slides Q&A feature is getting a lot of interest: jump into Presenter mode from any slide, and you can create a simple web page, with a short URL, that your audience can visit to:

  • see the questions others are asking
  • vote others’ questions up or down with simple thumbs up/down icons
  • ask their own questions – anonymously if they wish

Find out more here.


Internet Safety

Is it okay to copy an Edubuzz photo and put it on Facebook?

Question:  Is it okay for a parent /carer to copy a photo from Edubuzz and put it on Facebook?

Answer:     It is clearly okay for a parent to do what he or she wants with his/her own child’s photograph.  If other children are included in this photo the parent/carer should check with the children involved, or their parents/carers, that they don’t mind their photos being put on Facebook.

 This is exactly the same rule as we teach the children: you shouldn’t share photos or video recordings of people without asking their permission. Parents /carers can help support that teaching by setting an example themselves. 

If  any parents/carers  particularly object to their child’s photos being posted on Facebook, you can remind them that you can tell Facebbok to ask your permission before allowing anyone to tag you in any photos. This won’t stop them being uploaded, of course, but it makes them much less easy to find.

 We do not usually assert copyright of the contents of our web sites, so there is no legal, intellectual property, issue at stake.

For more information, go to this website


eduBuzz On-line resources

Internet access at local libraries

Information should be made available to pupils and parents/carers about the internet facilities available at local libraries. 

The following libraries will be open as usual this morning – Dunbar, Haddington, Musselburgh, North Berwick, Prestonpans, Tranent, and Wallyford. A decision regarding East Linton Library will be made shortly. Information regarding opening times this afternoon will be available later this morning.

eduBuzz Google Tools

Shorten and share long links with eduBuzz Google Apps

The eduBuzz Google Apps “Short Links” service is now available at some new, even shorter, addresses.

You’ll now find it at:

URL shortening services, such as, are a popular way to share long web site addresses.

By turning a long and complex URL into one just a few characters long, the short address becomes one that can be included in a paper newsletter, for example, without readers having to carefully retype the whole thing.

Often individual users can create personal accounts with these services, and keep a personal list of their shortened URLs.  But these lists aren’t visible to anyone else. An even if they were, there’s no easy way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links

That’s where the eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links can help. It provides a shared way of sharing shorter URLs.  Also, it records how often the short URLs are used – so if you include one in your school newsletter, you can check how many people actually used it.

Here’s an example, where it’s being used to make the complex URL of a national Glow Group much more accessible.

Original link:

eduBuzz short link:



eduBuzz Short Links is an experimental Google Labs service.



Did you know? Blog admins can set up new user accounts

Have got someone interested in contributing to your blog?  You can now make it really easy for them to get involved.

Just go to the Users menu, and click Add New. You’ll be asked to provide:

  •  a username for them
  • their email address (must be,, or
  • the role you’d like them to have (Admin, Editor, Author etc)

WordPress will set up their account, give them the access they need, and send them login details. Sorted!

If you need a login for a parent or colleague with a different email address, please contact