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What’s New in Google Apps newsletter – May 2016

This newsletter provides a roundup of all the new features added to Google Apps from May 2016.


The new Google Slides Q&A feature is getting a lot of interest: jump into Presenter mode from any slide, and you can create a simple web page, with a short URL, that your audience can visit to:

  • see the questions others are asking
  • vote others’ questions up or down with simple thumbs up/down icons
  • ask their own questions – anonymously if they wish

Find out more here.


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Shorten and share long links with eduBuzz Google Apps

The eduBuzz Google Apps “Short Links” service is now available at some new, even shorter, addresses.

You’ll now find it at:

URL shortening services, such as, are a popular way to share long web site addresses.

By turning a long and complex URL into one just a few characters long, the short address becomes one that can be included in a paper newsletter, for example, without readers having to carefully retype the whole thing.

Often individual users can create personal accounts with these services, and keep a personal list of their shortened URLs.  But these lists aren’t visible to anyone else. An even if they were, there’s no easy way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links

That’s where the eduBuzz Google Apps Short Links can help. It provides a shared way of sharing shorter URLs.  Also, it records how often the short URLs are used – so if you include one in your school newsletter, you can check how many people actually used it.

Here’s an example, where it’s being used to make the complex URL of a national Glow Group much more accessible.

Original link:

eduBuzz short link:



eduBuzz Short Links is an experimental Google Labs service.



Curious about Google Apps? Try this intro course.

After successful testing, Google Apps ring logoEast Lothian’s Google Apps for Education system is now being made available to all schools. If you’ve not seen it yet, you might be curious about what’s on offer.

Google Apps complement Glow and the Edubuzz blogs by providing a new set of completely web-based tools for communication and collaboration, including Mail, Calendar, Sites and Documents.

If you’d like a guided intro, there’s a very simple self-paced course you might like to try. It’s not based on exactly our system (the Start Page, for example, has since gone) but is a good starting point.

There’s a CPD course already in the CPDShare calendar, and further training on how these tools might support teaching and learning activities, including drop-in sessions, is being offered on request.