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  • Get your head round Google Drive with this Cheat Sheet

    Need to a jump start with Google Drive? It started off as Docs, then became Drive as it became capable of storing any uploaded file, like a large “thumb drive” or memory stick. To avoid clutter, some of the options only appear when you select things, or appear when you right-click. And that means it’s […]

  • Tip for users of Google’s Chrome browser

    Users of the Google Chrome browser on PCs, Laptops and Netbooks should note that if they receive a message that they need to update Flash; they could try using Internet Explorer browser as a work-around. Users of iPads and Chromebooks should not experience any problems with this issue. I.T will be updating the Chrome browser in […]

  • Multi-user collaboration on a single Google Doc: a real-life example

    Yes, but how could a lot of people work in the same document at the same time? Wouldn’t it be impossible? A common reaction to Google-style live collaboration, but very wrong. You can see it happening now – a live, real-life example of collaboration via Google Docs: Charles Arthur of the Guardian Technology Section is […]

  • Save time with new Google Image search options

    Google Images has now gained its own Search Options. You’ll find the full story on the Google Blog. This new feature offers quick access to existing tools, including search by color and image type. Color search will find images that are only in color or only in black and white, or even images that contain […]

  • Using Google’s New Web Search “Search Options”

    Google’s new “Search Options” make it simple to narrow down your search results in a number of useful ways. You can organise results by date, for example, or easily find videos, forum posts or reviews. There’s a timeline too, with a graphical view. If you want to try it out, just click “Show Options” on […]