Having problems using I Can Animate files with Windows Movie Maker?

Ivan Marah, a 4th year Dunbar Grammar pupil, on work placement this week with the Education ICT team has been doing some problem solving with I Can Animate files and has worked out how the files can be saved using the appropriate codecs which will then allow the file to be imported successfully into Windows Movie Maker. 

He has also created a step by step guide on how to do it ….Preparing I Can Animate Files for Windows Movie Maker

Great work, many thanks Ivan!




Using Word Talk with Office 2010

Are you having problems using Word Talk with your upgraded Office 2010? There has been an identified incompatibility with Windows XP machines and a fix is currently being sought.  Apologies for this inconvenience – am hopeful this will be resolved very soon.

This error will not occur on Windows 7 machines.

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How to bring real-time Haiti news to your classroom

If you’re aware that Twitter can be a good source of up-to-date news, but not sure how you might use it in class, here’s a 3-step guide to presenting the latest tweets referencing Haiti onto your whiteboard:

  1. Go to, and search for haiti (this link will do that bit for you)
  2. Use the Settings menu, on the right of the screen, to set Text Size to “Epically Large”.
  3. From the same Settings menu, click “Presentation mode”. You can “Double-click here to add a heading”, which appears at the top, to add your own heading.

This can be used in support of Social Studies experiences and outcomes including:

SOC 2-07b: I can describe the physical processes of a natural disaster and discuss its impact on people and the landscape.
SOC 3-19b: Having considered responses to a recent international crisis, I can contribute to a discussion of the effectiveness of the responses.

Health warning: These Tweets are published directly by individuals and organisations world-wide without any moderation, so may contain upsetting news items or inappropriate language.