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  • End of term Christmas ICT activities

    For those of you looking for some festive activities for the last few days, you might be interested in these free resources produced by the website StudyLadder.  Normally, you have to create an account to get your hands on their resources, but there is no sign-in necessary for these ones.  There’s absolutely tons of them! Grateful…

  • Education ICT Newsletter…hot off the press!

    ICT NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2013   News on Google Apps, Glow, Edubuzz, CPD courses, IT developments, new technology and E-safety.

  • CPD course in Digitial Creativity: 23 November 2013: Edinburgh

    Come along to Edinburgh University on Saturday 23rd November and learn about how to make web pages, edit videos, create computer game characters, design and print 3D objects, make mobile apps using Livecode or AppInventor, create visual programs or animations.  Lots of workshops for teachers of all subjects so please let your colleagues know (this…

  • ICT news – May 2013 update

    Have a look at the East Lothian Schools ICT Newsletter to find out what is going on in the authority. As always, we are happy to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.  

  • Earn £20 trying out the new ‘Magic Cloud’ ICT toy

    The Magic Cloud is a soft (cloud shaped) cushion that you plug into a computer (USB). When small tags are placed on or near the Cloud, the computer detects them and plays digital media you have chosen e.g. a picture or video recording.  By sticking the tags on an object of your choice, you can…