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eduBuzz WordPress Sites: Comments Temporarily Closed


The ability to leave comments on eduBuzz sites has been temporarily disabled by our hosting company, DXW, to protect against a WordPress security vulnerability identified at the weekend, details below. One of the benefits of using such a popular application is that bugs are quickly identified and addressed, but it does also mean, as with any other popular software on the internet, that there are many malicious people who seek to exploit them. DXW are doing absolutely the right thing here, and experience tells us that the security vulnerability will be quickly fixed.

Due to a critical security vulnerability announced on Sunday evening, we have disabled commenting on all dxw-hosted sites.

At 2100 on Sunday 26th April, a flaw in the way WordPress handles comments was published. This flaw could allow an attacker to inject HTML and Javascript into the pages of your website.

In so doing, they would be able to entirely take over your website, adding or removing any content and taking any action that an administrator is able to complete through the admin area.

Due to the seriousness of this flaw we have disabled commenting across the GovPress platform pending a patch from WordPress. We expect that a patch will be released quickly and we will deploy it as soon as possible.

We have also posted this security alert on the dxw blog, and will make further updates there. If you have any questions not covered by the blog post, please reply to this alert to create a ticket.



Did you know? Blog admins can set up new user accounts

Have got someone interested in contributing to your blog?  You can now make it really easy for them to get involved.

Just go to the Users menu, and click Add New. You’ll be asked to provide:

  •  a username for them
  • their email address (must be,, or
  • the role you’d like them to have (Admin, Editor, Author etc)

WordPress will set up their account, give them the access they need, and send them login details. Sorted!

If you need a login for a parent or colleague with a different email address, please contact

eduBuzz WordPress

Need your post noticed? Make it “Sticky”

“Sticky” posts solve the problem of important posts shuffling off down the page as new posts are published – when really you’d rather keep them up at the top.

To make a post Sticky, edit Visibility from the Publish menu, and check the “Stick this post to the front page” checkbox.