Add a “Snap Preview” pop-up to your blog’s hyperlinks

Bloggers on Exc-el/eduBuzz now have the option of using Snap Preview.

You’ve maybe seen Snap Preview in action before, for example on Ollie Bray’s blog. If not, hover your mouse over this link. Get the idea? If you want this on your blog, just go to the new Extras tab (it’s under Presentation) and switch it on.

It’s potentially quite powerful in making dull-looking links into much more tempting places to visit – but only if you’re linking to attractive-looking sites, I suppose!

By default, it doesn’t provide a preview of links to the same domain (in our case As that would prevent preview of other blogs, I’ve changed that so that it does, using this reference.

Thanks to Patrick Chia for his wpmu-snap plug-in. Because it’s a site-wide plug-in, there’s no need for you to activate the plug-in yourself – it’s controlled completely via the Extras tab.