Remembering Together

Remembering Together is a project to co-create memorials that will honour the people we have lost, mark what has been lost and changed in our lives and preserve the best of what we have learned and created together during the Covid pandemic.

To do this, artists/creatives in every one of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas will be commissioned to co-create Covid memorials with people and communities. Remembering Together is a co-creation project because: 

  • Co-creation is a process that involves people working together to make something that means something to those people 
  • Covid has touched every life in Scotland  
  • Co-creating memorial projects helps to translate the personal experiences of Covid into something that holds meaning for a whole community 
  • Co-creating memorial projects with community members creates projects that are meaningful to those communities 
  • Using co-creation for Remembering Together means there is space for every kind of experience of Covid to be shared and understood 
  • Co-creation will be a powerful tool for us to create memorials, because when people experience difficult times, being together in community can help us heal

Remembering Together East Lothian

Click here for all the latest info about the project in East Lothian.