East Lothian Integration Joint Board

The East Lothian Integration Joint Board is made up of representatives from NHS Lothian, East Lothian Council, the Third and Independent Sectors and those who use health and social care services. It was set up as part of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014. This Act focuses on integrating health and social care at a local level. There  IJBs are legally separate both from their local health board and local authority. As well as council and NHS Lothian appointed members, the IJB includes health and social care professional and union representation, and carers, service-user, third and independent sector representatives.

What is the East Lothian IJB responsible for?

East Lothian IJB is responsible for the planning, resourcing and governance of health and social care services. It sets the strategic direction of Health and Social Care Delivery in East Lothian.


The Public Bodies (Joint Working)(Scotland) Act 2014 sets out the process by which IJBs deliver their Strategic Plans by issuing ‘Directions’ to the Local Authority and the Health Board as appropriate. East Lothian IJB policy states that Directions will be issued for each delegated function including the allocation of the associated financial resource.

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What is East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP)?

ELHSCP delivers services operationally to meet the strategic aims of the IJB. It provides leadership and operational management for services.

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