IJB Strategic Priorities

Getting it right for East Lothian

We developed our Strategic Objectives in consultation with our stakeholders. They show our commitment to adopting approaches that tailor services to the needs of people and communities while, at the same time, developing efficient and future-proofed service arrangements.

We will make universal services more accessible and proportionate to need and develop our communities.  We want to improve access to our services, but equally to help people and communities to help and support themselves too

We will improve prevention and early intervention. We want to shift and focus services towards the prevention of ill health, to anticipate at an early stage the need for support and to react where possible to prevent crises

We will reduce unscheduled care. We want to reduce unnecessary demand for services including hospital care.

We will provide care closer to home . We want to deliver safe and effective care as close to home as possible, allowing people to remain in their homes and communities for as long as they can

We will deliver services within an integrated care model. We recognise the need to make people’s journey through all our services smoother and more efficient

We will enable people to have more choice and control. We recognise the importance of person-centred and outcomes focused care planning

We will further optimise efficiency and effectiveness. We want to improve the quality of our services whilst recognising and addressing the challenging financial constraints we face

We willreduce health inequalities. We want to reduce inequalities, break the cycle and impact of deprivation and support and protect the vulnerable in our communities.

We will build and support partnership working. We recognise the importance of developing effective and wide ranging strategic partnerships in delivering our ambition, vision and values.

Find out more in the IJB Strategic Plan 2019-22